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What phone is best used glass security patches?

The current mainstream mobile device touch technology has five ~ G / G, GFF, On-Cell, In-Cell, OGS.

Traditional G / G and GFF is to touch module attached to the protection of the intermediate cover version and screen, the screen itself is thicker .In-Cell sucked touch module integrated into the display panel, the use of this technology is currently APPLE iPhone ; On-Cell touch panel is a plug on the display panel, the Samsung Amoled screen is this technique .OGS (monolithic glass program), and the integration of ITO glass and protective glass into a glass, the touch sensor made directly on the protective glass, and to cut a glass.




Currently printing tempered glass protector, mostly for iPhone5 series and Samsung Galaxy S series of the majority. The main reason should be higher priced phones and their screens using In-Cell technology with On-Cell thinner, use of protective glass can have the effect of crash However, as the mobile phone screen more and more, when the glass screen of more than 4.5 inches or more, the risk of damage will increase. tempered glass protector, how to overcome the physical properties of the material of the glass itself, yet manufacturers continue to break with the evolution of technology.